The Messenger

The most recent release by Robert H. Troy –



37″ w x 30″ h x 15″ d.

In today’s world of instant communication and constant social media connectivity, it is apparent that everyone has some “agenda”.

Everyone is talking at once, and no one is really listening. Messenger is not focused on surroundings, could be anywhere, and no one perceives the message. Virtually in your face and desperate, “Listen to me!”

“Perspective is everything in life. The philosopher tells us that our vision comes from our position, and how we respond to the life we’re given is more often than not determined by our viewpoint. If we see our situation as good with an occasional crisis, we respond expecting good results. However, if we see the situation as just another bad event in a life of chaos, our expectation may be dire. The Messenger offers similar perspective on a wold where no one is really listening. The Messenger captivates an audience and makes them listen.”

~ Thoughts & Review by Jan Verhoeff

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