More than a SPLASH of Color

(WILTON MANORS, FLORIDA) – Announcing the OCTOBER SHOWING AT TEDD’S ART WORKS, 2422 North Dixie Highway, Wilton Manors, Florida 33305, will be hosting artists Robert H. “Bob” Troy and Lim Pimentel for showing. Both artists present original, defined artistic styles. These works will be displayed from October 3, 2015 until October 30, 2015. Refreshments will be served.

TSK30 C1Renowned Award Winning architectural-artist, Robert H. Troy, sets color in motion on still life structure. Wall art with a twist. Depth perception becomes real as he builds his art forward, mounting layer upon layer to gain greater precision, formatting motion with shape, function with design.

In “Walking Man” the essence of professional existence is captured in the still form of a man carrying his briefcase moving through time. Transcendental form meets power and connection as each piece stigmatizes the whole, captivating the viewer with a whole concept of surreal motion.

Where is he going?

TSK - 24

TSK – 24

What will he do there?

Do you know him?

Trend setting art, displayed in a studio, offers art appreciators a chance to review, connect, and talk about work with the artist who often participates in the showing, and will stick around and visit with viewers and collectors.

For more information about the show, visit Tedd’s Art Works on Facebook, or Robert H. Troy online.

You may view the Tedd’s Art Works – brochure online HERE.

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