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I feel credit is due when a grown man can create a sound reason to play in a sandbox like any average 3 year old. I built a 2 foot square shallow sandbox, which has proven to be a valuable vehicle for generating compositions with arranged objects dramatically lighted. I used it for TSK 8, 19, 20 and 23. I will likely find a desire to use it again for future work.

An artist intent on design —

When an artist works, the world could crash down around them and they’d never know — unless it touched their work — and such is the case as you watch the intensity of Robert H. Troy at work on this stunning piece.

Suppose the inspiration of the piece is an image in the mind, nothing more than a small glowing particle of thought taking form, turning and twisting into shapes unrecognized as yet, though… as it forms, the whole image becomes a real spinning vibration of actions, shadows, lights and surrealistic reality. An artist collects his thoughts into a form and focused intently on recreating the thought, forms a piece of art so magnificently whole that he can see the same piece whether his eyes are open or closed.

The work required to design a piece as detailed as Troy’s art, involves layers of action, decision and perceptual control of the ultimate design. Even the most incremental difference in any layer changes the work of art dramatically because of the function of shadow and light in the design. Without the correct levels of layering, an item appears out of place, distorted or dysfunctional. When a work comes together, light, shadow and form bring perception to the center front and add motion to the conquest.

Inspiration on the wall of the artist’s studio:

Don’t lose your nerve now.

Then, with light and shadow transformed, the work is complete.

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  1. Diane Lawrence says:

    Bob, I had no knowledge of your talent! I know nothing about art and am totally uncreative, but I know creativity when I see it. What a wonderful thing it is to be retired and doing what you love. I wish you and Sherrye good luck with this excellent website.


  2. Dan Bailey says:

    Bob–did you not get the memo on retirement? Aren’t you missing time in the hammock? Oh, wait–that would involve texture, shadow, and dimension, probably movement, and that would start you off on another piece.

    I suspected an interest in art, particularly dimensional art, on your part and Sherry’s, having been to your home a number of times. But I didn’t know that you had jumped headlong into creating it. What do you envision for your third career when the time comes?

    Good luck, much success, and remember, I can say that I knew him before he was famous.


  3. Sherri Flinn says:

    Hi Sherrye and Bob,

    Thanks so much for sharing Bob’s art work. I say, “WOW” to all!
    Great website…inspiring, informative and super interesting techniques!

    My favorite works are: TSK 24, 14, 21, 04, 013….also really loved TSK 27 “Tree in Merrick House!

    The video of “The Running Man” was intriguing and I really enjoyed “In the Works”…seeing the pictures of Bob working around the sandbox! How about doing a video of “The Artist in Action”, showing Bob using his unique artistic techniques that are described?

    The gallery displays look great! Great lighting enhancements!

    I signed up for your newsletter and look forward to future showing dates! 😀

  4. Maria says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful site with us. You are truly a gifted individual with many talents and I am glad to know you and Sheeye.

  5. Maria says:

    Sorry I mistyped Sherrye’s name. I think I got it right this time. Your art is wonderful and I enjoy it every time I visit your home.

  6. Diane Lawrence says:

    Thanks for your generous comment!

  7. Les Whiddon says:

    Bob, ya still got it!!! Often think of the earlier works you had in you old home on Ave C (?) when I think of art. Be well my old friend and keep doing the art you love.. My best to Sherrye and see you again some day…LES

  8. Barbara Sangetti says:

    OMG, I had no idea! I am so impressed…you’re talent and creativity are amazing! However I can see that everything you do is with such passion and dedication……thank you so much for sharing your website.
    Has you work bee exhibited anywhere?

    best regards,

    • Thank you Barbara! I am really committed to this, or “all in” as the expression goes. I am working on finding a way to have my work exhibited and at the same time building my portfolio.

  9. Rosario Munoz says:

    Bob, We love it! It looks fantastic, congratulations on all that hard work to promote your amazing art!!! We were all mesmerized when we had the privilege of seeing it personally and can only wish you a wonderful new career. You’ve got it!!! it’s now a matter of time and reaching out to the right people. Hugs to you and Sherrye

    • Without support from friends like you and Ivan it would be very difficult to succeed. Especially from the two of you who represent such a high level of professionalism through I.C. Design Build, Inc.

  10. Carmina Widmark says:

    I was totally amazed by the Running Man! Brilliant piece of work. Very talented. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work, as and when you post it on your site.

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