Finally……….a new addition!

I had no idea this piece would take so long, but there are many elements to it. The piece is TSK 30 and when the piece itself is presented in any public venue, I intend to include a video loop as a part of it. It is called BRASS & RED ROBOTIC. For this work, I received the kind assistance of a friend, whose function was intentionally robotic. This is fully explained in the accompanying video. I wanted to experiment with my aptitude for reacting to the accidental and spontaneous in the creative process, to learn if anything worthwhile could result.

TSK30 A1     TSK30 B1                                                                                            
TSK30 C1 TSK30 D1

Take a moment and watch the video of how we created this piece. I hope you’ll find it as fascinating as I did.

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  1. Jan Verhoeff says:

    What an amazing piece of art in motion. I know your pieces don’t move, but the combination of shadow, light, color and shape make them appear to move and change shapes as you move near them. What a great experience to be able to see these pieces, vibrant and skillfully created, revealed to the public. Thanks for sharing your art with me!

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