Display at Tedd’s ART Works Continues…

Beyond the kick start, opening Saturday night, October 3rd, exciting and well attended, the show continues for another week, through October 30th. Bob Troy, with Lam Pimentel, another fine artist who shared the exhibition, had several friends who joined them for the orignial night on display, and many have visited the gallery since.

The spacious gallery and attentive host Tedd Davis, the gallery owner and a talented artist, provide ample opportunity for viewing industrial, stylized 3 dimentional art.

TSK33-6Bob Troy offers introspective deep-view concept art, designed to impact the viewer with more than simply decor. His pieces offer philosophical comprehension and exclamative value featuring the experienced viewpoint of a former architect, who delves into the spatial realm of existence to create dynamic feature art representing motion and gravity.

Who can climb the corporate ladder better than one who designs his own?

A fixture in the neighborhood, Troy delves deep into conceptual artistic design and fulfills the expectation of viewers with his idealistic presentation. You’ll find yourself amazed at the motion and depth of value.

The best part of having art on display is allowing a wide range of art appreciative viewers to see Bob Troy’s work along with other artists, who share the gallery. Every day is an opportunity for someone to see new art, form, and design.

Motion is the pop! Color is the power.

Come visit Tedd’s Art Work and see for yourself.

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