A Video Gallery

Because I am finding that my projects are best communicated via video, I am asking my excellent web mistress (kind of like that description; it appeals to the perv in me!) to create a separate gallery for videos that I will add from time to time. The ones included here she can relocate to the new gallery after she sets it up!
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2 Responses to A Video Gallery

  1. Richard Rothman says:

    These are all home runs! You make it look so easy. Each one draws me in beautifully and gives me a different glimpse of what it’s like in Bob’s World. The point in the videos where the shadows begin moving over the frozen people and objects is really surreal. I love that! And I could sit and stare all day at the subtle graphics, tones, colors, and the overlapping of repetitive shapes. My favorite view is the side views in each of them (especially The Messenger) where I get to see all the way through. Could you detach them from the wall and background panel? I wish I could commission you to rent an empty storefront and build one or two of these full scale as walk-throughs. Thanks for sharing this very original, exciting, and beautifully crafted and designed work.

  2. Bob Troy says:

    The above comment comes from an artist for whom I have the highest respect and greatly dares me to take the path the heart leads me!

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