The Amazing Ai WeiWei

I blogged a few days ago about visiting the new PAMM (Perez Art Museum Miami). I need to just offer a few brief comments about the current stunning exhibit of the work of the internationally renown Chinese artist, Ai WeiWei. It should be noted that he is well regarded as a dissident, resisting China’s human rights abuses and totalitarian government. The exhibit is voluminous occupying two floors displaying an unbelievable amount of work, in many different mediums. He is a sculptor, painter, photographer, videographer, potter, and extremely skilled finish carpenter, assuming he was personally involved in many pieces expressed in wood. I was left wondering how he found time to eat and sleep! On a personal level, I found viewing his work humbling. He is immensely successful, and in a position to directly employ many to assist him in executing his visions. Local or visiting Miami, do not miss this opportunity to become immersed in his unique expressions!


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